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Beauty is the gentle but urgent call to awaken, 
a celebration, a homecoming of the human spirit.
John O’Donohue

Come away for a week in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for an opportunity to reconnect to the soul
​of beauty and be with your sacred self. 

~You will leave refreshed and renewed.~

© David MacKenzie

Awaken Into the Essence of Beauty

Join us for a respite, a week of exploration and discovery. Step away from your daily existence for an experience of joy, an awakening of all your senses.

Here is an opportunity to discover more of what you have been longing for and to release the layers of compliance, habit and accommodation. You will learn to see differently.

We will provide the transformational experiences and processes that will support you in releasing perceptions that hold you back. You will learn practices to use to stay grounded and connected to your creativity and the spirit of aliveness.

​When we awaken to the call of beauty we become aware of new ways of being in the world.
John O’Donohue

  • Have you ever felt surrounded by the noise of the tedious or images of the ugly?
    We’ll help you expand your perceptions of beauty so your everyday world will be filled with greater joy, peace and ease.
  • Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have a hunger that won’t go away?
    We’ll explore how we’ve disconnected from the sacred and assist you in reconnecting the pathway home.
  • Do you have the feeling that you’re missing something you need desperately but it seems just out of reach?
    We’ll examine conditioning which hold us back so that you can go forward with a greater sense of freedom.

Are you thinking, “There must be more to life than this, I know there is, I am just not sure what is missing”…… And most of all “I WANT TO KNOW!”

Through the facet of beauty we are more able to see the humanness
​in one another, find tranquility and live with more ease and peace.

You are invited this March to beautiful San Miguel de Allende Mexico for:

Awakening Into Beauty Retreat

Arriving Saturday March 25th, to accommodate flights and transportation,
The Retreat begins Sunday March 26th at 5pm ending Friday March 31st at 3pm.

Who is this retreat for?

  • You’ve hit a wall, you know something needs to change, but not sure what.
  • You’ve done a lot of work on yourself and yet you feel disconnected from your life
  • You are ready to grow bigger, but afraid what that might mean for your integrity, those around you and the life you are leading.
  • You feel guided that this is the right retreat for you.

Why a retreat and not a workshop?

For each of us, there is a certain kind of time that is both very precious and rare. It’s time that has a spacious, profound, nourishing feeling to it. Where we have the space to learn and the time to grow.

It’s time…
…where tasks and projects and deadlines aren’t pressing on you.
…when work family and other loved ones aren’t asking anything of you.
…when you can look deeply within yourself and find truth and a pathway forward.​

That’s the kind of time we want to give you: a week retreat in the uniquely beautiful environment of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, away from the norms of your familiar world.​

“My former ideas about cause and effect, in both health and spiritual matters, have completely shifted through my work with David and Susan of Wisdom Rx. They’ve helped me to deepen and broaden my learning on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual. They support me to ask the hard questions and to find my own answers.

As a coaches and allies, they persists with clarity and precision until my new picture of self and healing illuminates – and sticks – which inevitably gives me increased vitality and a fuller release of my innate creative potential.”

L.F.- San Francisco, CA

What’s included in the retreat?

This is the daily itinerary for the week long event:

Saturday March 25th – Exploration

Arrive at Casa del Arbol and have a chance to explore the beauty of San Miguel on your own.​

Sunday March 26th – Creating the Vessel

At 5pm, we’ll gather on the rooftop terrace of Casa del Arbol overlooking San Miguel for our opening dinner. In joyful celebration, ceremony and camaraderie we begin to create the vessel for our journey into the many aspects of Beauty.

Monday March 27th – Piercing the Veil of Your Perceptions
“I want to know and I’m safe not to know what I don’t know.”

Exploring the origins of your perceptions, patterns and habits of being that currently govern your life will open you to new levels of knowing, understanding and connections.

Tuesday March 28th – Looking and Seeing
Your cultural framework filters how, why and what you see. 

It is not simply with your eyes but with your mind and heart that you see the world. Through the mirror of deep compassion for yourself and others you can open your heart to access the messages the living presence of beauty brings.

Wednesday March 29th- Igniting the Sacred Self
We are comprised of many selves often struggling to become a cohesive whole.

Discover aspects of your sacred self that will allow a deeper experience of beauty no matter what is going on in your life. Spirit made form in the essence that is uniquely you, like a flower, a tree, a sunset, like no other. Come, follow beauty she will lead the way to the essence of your being. 

Thursday March 30th – Unleashing the Beauty Within
Excavating your life stories to find the essence of your sacred beauty.

Stop the stories that make you live a life that is smaller than your sacred self. We rarely consider how we will be remembered when our soul passes fully into spirit. What essence do you want to leave behind? Fully embracing all the aspects of beauty including the qualities of forgiveness, appreciation, compassion, and love provide a new ground of being.

Friday March 31st – Claiming Your New State of Perception
Grounding in Ritual and Ceremony, you will anchor the new perceptive capacity of your sacred self.

Honoring the shifts, experiences and changes that beauty has revealed, you will anchor them deep within your sacred self so that you never have to leave behind the enlivening aspects of beauty again.

This retreat will be combining deep connection with nature and the self in a new Retreat Hotel in San Miguel,
Casa del Arbol a beautiful contemporary Mexican space to allow you to find what is already within.

A maximum of 20 participants

We have no intention of making this a crowded event. We will be doing deep work, and we like to be with each person individually. No more than 20 participants, so it will be intimate, connected, real.

***The retreat begins 5pm Sunday March 26th and ends the 3pm Friday March 31st.
​Accommodations are for 7 nights beginning Saturday March 25th to allow for travel time. ***​

Retreat Registration Details

​Holiday Discount

$1250 USD

You can either pay in full OR take advantage of our 
special payment plan option where you can reserve 
​your spot now for only $400 USD
deposit and two monthly installments of $425 USD.  

*The payment plan option ended February 1st.
Registration is now pay in full only.

Full Price

Effective March 1st​​, 2017

$1450 USD

Pay in Full Only

The Discount has expired, but you still have time!
Register now before the event is filled.

**Non-US residents may qualify for additional payment options.  Please contact susan@wisdomrx to confirm eligibility.**

***Refund Policy***
​Full refund less 10% if requested by February 1, 2017 
​50% refund if requested by February 15, 2017
​No refunds after that.


Our retreat is in a brand new Hotel and Boutique Retreat Center in San Miguel, Casa del Arbol, a beautiful contemporary Mexican space in the heart of Centro and is a flat walk to the center of town called the Jardin.

All rooms are double occupancy and prices are per individual for the week of the retreat.

Suite plus 2 meals (breakfast and lunch)- suites include a kitchenette and are more spacious. 
​Per person fee is based on double occupancy weekly rate. $495.50 USD 

Rooms plus 2 meals (breakfast and lunch)-
​Per person fee is based on double occupancy weekly rate. $425.50 USD

Information to make reservations for Casa del Arbol will be sent upon receipt of deposit.

San Miguel de Allende is an integral part of Awakening Into Beauty.  You will have time in the evenings to explore and enjoy the wonderful cuisine San Miguel de Allende has to offer.

Post-retreat Bridge Session 

What to do when you’re back at work and your life?

One of the most consistently challenging transitions is coming out of the beauty and depth of the retreat space, and making grounded practical steps that support the manifestation of your vision in real life.

Part of that bridge will happen at the end of the retreat, and a continuation of that bridge will happen in a group call 3 weeks after the retreat.

Mark you calendar for Saturday April 22
​ 11am- 12:30 pm CST​​​​

“Thank you for reminding us of the free powerful tool we have to help healing. Being aware of Beauty is as powerful as breathing. We inhale Beauty with each breath as that’s what the life force is. How you described Beauty resonated powerfully in my mind and heart.” 

A.M. San Miguel de Allende

​​Your Hosts for this Event:

David MacKenzie

Gwen Mazer

Susan Perkins

David Mackenzie ​”Beauty saved my life. As a child I would spend hours looking close up at the tiniest things. Those little sacred places were my safe haven. Beauty called to me…” Click for full bio

Gwen Mazer “Beauty has been my muse from the time I was an infant. It is my first memory. I was in my baby carriage that was sitting under the pear tree in my…”  Click for full bio

Susan Perkins “Every family has a truth teller and a bridge builder. That was me in my family of origin. My relationship with beauty started when I noticed the stories…” Click for full bio


We’re here to answer any inquiries you may have about this retreat.  
​Just email susan@wisdomrx.com​ or gwen@gwenmazer.com for answers!

Awakening Into Beauty Retreat Holiday Discount Installment Plan
Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$400.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 2)$425.00 USD
Total $1,250.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Beauty saved my life. As a child I would spend hours looking close up at the tiniest things. Those little sacred places were my safe haven. Beauty called to me reminding me, and holding me with sweet tenderness, that I was okay and that indeed I would grow to become an advocate for the presence of beauty in the world.

By good luck and grace, I was streamed into being a Visual Communicator for the essence of Canada. It’s not that I even wanted this. It was what was natural to me. I credit the international teacher’s I’ve had for helping me become a successful designer and photographer for international publications, galleries and corporations.

I’ve always been someone inspired by the different ways people learn. I became a design photography educator and helped students in three top Universities become advocates for clarity, beauty and purposeful communication.

I learned later in my life that underneath my talent to see the world differently were the roots of a Medical Intuitive. It’s not something I wanted to become. It is what I am. For the last 13 years Susan and I have now assisted hundreds of people in navigating, illnesses, their healing and sometimes their death.

Beauty, I have learned, is relentlessly available if I allow myself to be nurtured even at the strangest times by its consistent presence. Now at 68 years old, I want to be an even greater advocate for the evolutionary presence of beauty in all that I do. I offer my heart my talents and all of my experience to your evolution so that you can make beauty your friend and champion its presence in the world.

Beauty has been my muse from the time I was an infant. It is my first memory.  I was in my baby carriage that was sitting under the pear tree in my grandfather’s garden. I remember watching the pattern of leaves that were dancing in the sunlight reflected on my blanket. This first experience of beauty and nature made a deep imprint in my memory.

I am a New Yorker, a city filled with beauty, the museums, the parks, so many amazing buildings, gardens and the arts. Around the age of five my mother took me to see a performance of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. The colors, textures, patterns, the lights, the movement! I remember jumping to my feet wildly clapping my little hands, ecstatic with the experience of this exquisite beauty

I know this early exposure to beauty set the trajectory of my life and career. As I look back now on the many years of my life this, passion informed by beauty led the way. It has been my joy, my solace and my rock.

A career in retail, advertising, as creative director for several companies, as a fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar, as an owner of fashion boutiques, and a personal image management company, all was led by this passion.

I also began to study and develop a spiritual practice, which had a growing influence on my work. Weaving the threads of spirituality and intuition into my work came naturally especially with the intimacy in working with women. I truly
found my life’s work, assisting women in finding beauty from the inside out.

For many years, through retreats, workshops and various programs I have worked with women, to access this beauty, this life connection, this deeper self.  I look forward to sharing this journey into the many aspects of beauty with you at our retreat. It will be an experience of the unexpected, of joy and transformation.

Every family has a truth teller and a bridge builder. That was me in my family of origin. My relationship with beauty started when I noticed the stories that weren’t being said. Beauty kindled my curiosity so I could learn something about the choices we all make to bury things or help them bloom in the light of the day.

It was a natural outcome for me to be attracted to music and theater. I knew that stories and songs could unlock the past and change the future. I became a professional actor and singer. 

When I had my own family, I became a commissioned weaver so that I could be the primary caretaker for my daughters. I loved the magic of fabric and how weaving like story telling created objects charged with life and filled with beauty. I had to serve beauty and I wanted my daughters to be open to how beauty could become their ally in life. 

And in 1999, I had a near death experience. Beauty became my lifeline as I examined all the ways my life had to change. I learned to walk again and became a coach so that I could support others to stand in their own truth. Through Wisdom Rx, David and I serve the hearts and souls of those we worked with by allowing each person to trust the sacred clear wisdom inside them to make the choices they need to thrive, regardless of their circumstances. 

I have learned a great deal about how fear can stop the presence of beauty from flowing. And that fear no matter how big it seems can be overcome to release the flow of Beauty’s intelligence so that all of us can in the presence of our lives ride the river of love into the life we were born to live.​​​​

Awakening Into Beauty Retreat Installment Plan
Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$400.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 2)$525.00 USD
Total $1,450.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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